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It all started several years ago when former Espanola High classmates John Herrera and Pat Chavez decided to start meeting for breakfast on a weekly basis. The twosome became a foursome when EHS alums David Roybal and Pete Herrera joined the Wednesday morning breakfast. All four graduates of the class of 1963 made the weekly breakfast a part of their routine.  Slowly but steadily the group expanded as other Espanola Hornets found out about the weekly meeting and joined in. Today, anywhere from 15 to 20 former Hornets who graduated in the 1960's are part of the group. In the coming weeks and months, we will  profile members of the group on this website.  We will start with the founding members, Pat and John, and Andrew Dominguez a1965 graduate. We hope visitors to the website find the profiles interesting and informative.


On 2004 John Herrera and Pat Chavez both from Chili a village in Northern New Mexico, began meeting for breakfast once a week at various restaurants around Albuquerque. Soon there after Pete and Patricia Herrera from Chamita, invited them to a dinner. At this dinner were Dolores Martinez/Salazar, Gloria Maestas/Henderson, Diana and David Roybal. After the dinner the guys decided to join John and Pat for breakfast every Wednesday. The next Homie from Alcade, Vince Guillen joined soon there after and the snowball started rolling and today the guys will go out of their way to avoid other appointments so as not to miss the Wednesday breakfast. David Chavez from Espanola drives over 90 miles frequently to join the group and we don't know if it’s to see us or make a quick stop at one of the local casinos. The group also meets on the 1st Sunday of every month for Dinner along with their spouses and other Espanola/northern NM friends and classmates. Sadly at one time or another a loved one or friend will leave us and the support from the rest of the group is always there. (Author Pat Chavez)




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